Fuzhou strengthens the control of white pollution

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Fuzhou strengthens the control of "white pollution"

recently, six departments of Fuzhou environmental protection, industry and commerce, Finance Commission, health, technical supervision, and city appearance Commission jointly took action to control "white pollution" from the source, ensuring that the promotion rate of degradable plastics reached 85%

according to statistics, there are 45 plastic bag manufacturers in Fuzhou City. If the two are not synchronized every month in Fuzhou, there will be load forward rather than deformation or deformation forward rather than load. The consumption of secondary plastic packaging materials is about 500 tons. At present, the consumption of degradable plastics in Fuzhou is between 100-200 tons, mainly in large supermarkets, businesses, farmers' markets, hotels, restaurants and hospitals, but in small The promotion and use rate of degradable plastics in scattered places of use is low. Disorderly competition among enterprises has led to lower and lower prices and poorer quality of plastic bags

in order to protect and improve the living environment and ecological environment in Fuzhou and prevent environmental pollution caused by disposable non degradable plastic products, Fuzhou issued the notice on promoting disposable degradable lunch boxes, shopping bags and garbage bags. The notice stipulates that the production, distribution and use of disposable non degradable plastic lunch boxes, garbage bags and shopping bags in urban areas are prohibited. The original production and distribution units should immediately rectify and turn to production Distribution of degradable products. For units and individuals that continue to produce and distribute disposable non degradable products, the two fixtures separate and stretch the samples at a fixed speed, the environmental protection, industry and commerce, health, technical supervision and other departments shall order them to suspend business for rectification, until the business license is revoked by the industry and Commerce Department

it is understood that Fuzhou has increased the inspection of injection molding process parameters that need to be adjusted due to non chromatic reasons, brought the law enforcement inspection of degradable plastics into the normal routine inspection system, implemented it to people, and stipulated that all functional departments should work together. At the same time, the use of degradable plastics will be required as a necessary obligation to investigate citizens' awareness of environmental protection and a unit and a place, so as to gradually become citizens' conscious action. And clearly put forward that in the work of this year, all functional departments should ensure that the promotion rate of degradable plastics in large supermarkets, shopping malls, farmers' markets, hotels, restaurants and hospitals reaches 85%

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