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Whether the chlor alkali industry can turn crisis into opportunity in 2010

200 is often used in the quality control of factories. The chlor alkali balance problem has been particularly prominent in the past nine years, making the overcapacity of caustic soda particularly helpless

encounter a high and a low: the inventory continues to increase, and the price continues to fall

the data provided by China Chlor Alkali Industry Association shows that the inventory of caustic soda enterprises is increasing at present. In addition, the rising costs of upstream energy and raw materials have increased the operating pressure of enterprises

Zhong Ping, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Tiancheng Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., said, "at present, the increase or decrease of our company's caustic soda production is entirely based on chlorine, and the output can be arranged as much as the market can digest liquid chlorine. Fortunately, the company is an ion-exchange membrane caustic soda device, and has the advantage of its own power plant, so it can barely maintain the benefits of caustic soda." At present, Tiancheng company has 100000 tons of caustic soda and PVC production capacity respectively, and the company is also worried that only the low level of caustic soda and liquid chlorine start-up rate can not support the long-term development of the enterprise

Jiangsu North Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. also encountered the same dilemma. The company has a capacity of 100000 tons of caustic soda. Due to the upside down price, the company suffered an overall loss last year. This year, the amount of operating losses increased month by month, resulting in greater difficulties in capital turnover. "In order to cope with the crisis and digest the inventory, we have to strive to increase varieties to meet the processing needs of the market for plastic hard products, and produce profiles, pipes, plates, hard pieces, etc., so as to increase profits." Xu Jixiang, the production department of the company, told

the annual output of 300000 tons of caustic soda project of Wuhai Chemical Co., Ltd. was officially completed and put into operation on November 19. It is understood that the operating rate of local chlor alkali enterprises is high, but due to the limited downstream demand, the pressure on the company's caustic soda inventory is gradually increasing. Henan Shenma Group Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. also encountered the same problem. The company's annual output of 400000 tons of caustic soda project was completed and put into operation at the end of 2009. Nearly 80% of the company's caustic soda products are sold to local enterprises. The problem is that the local downstream product alumina has excess capacity, the operating rate is seriously insufficient, and the new caustic soda capacity may not be digested

the data provided by China Chlor Alkali Industry Association shows that the market price of caustic soda has been declining since October 2008. Take the market price of 32% ionic membrane caustic soda as an example. In October 2008, the market price of 32% ionic membrane caustic soda was more than 770 yuan per ton, but by December this year, its price was only about 460 yuan, a decrease of 40%

the reason why the chlor alkali balance problem was particularly prominent in 2009

it is understood that since this year, chlorine and its downstream products have stabilized and rebounded before caustic soda. In the first quarter, liquid chlorine stabilized with its downstream PVC, chloroacetic acid and other major consumer products. After the second quarter, the demand for PVC was stable and gradually enlarged. In order to ensure the sufficient supply of liquid chlorine and the special lower clamp for polyethylene chloride stretching: the U-shaped opening is 92mm long and 75mm wide Φ When one set of alkene of 18x100mm connecting shaft is started normally, caustic soda can only be made more and more. According to incomplete statistics, driven by the rising market price of domestic PVC, the unit operating rate of chlor alkali enterprises is relatively high. At present, the comprehensive operating rate of domestic chlor alkali enterprises has reached 70%, and some enterprises in some regions such as Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and other provinces are operating at full capacity, resulting in a high market supply of caustic soda, and the oversupply of domestic caustic soda is becoming more and more serious

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