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Can the entry of enterprise communication operation service providers broaden the double division classroom track

2017, the most popular word in the domestic education field is the double teacher classroom

from the second half of 2015, New Oriental and tal education giants began to constantly explore the application of double teacher classes: XRS has tested the double teacher classes in first tier cities such as Nanjing and Beijing, and has achieved good reputation; New Oriental has set up a subsidiary company to develop double division business

under the leadership of industry giants, extracurricular tutoring in primary and secondary schools such as Garth, bump, 51talk, etc. have also been involved in double teacher classes

two teachers one class

online famous teachers teach offline teaching assistants effectively implement

what is a double teacher class

there is a scene that can well explain this question: in the middle of a classroom in Beijing of an educational institution, there is a high-definition large screen. The lecturer asked the students all over the country in the large screen: who knows the answer to this question? Before the teacher's voice fell, students from multiple classrooms in Changsha, Fuzhou and other places thousands of miles away, who were listening in real time through the large screen in the classroom, quickly pressed the answering machine at hand and gave their own answers; At this time, there is also a tutor walking around in each classroom, carefully observing the children's classroom reaction

from this scene, it is not difficult to see that the double teacher classroom, as the name suggests, refers to a student enjoying the teaching services of two teachers. Famous online teachers are responsible for lectures and efficient teaching; Offline teaching assistants are responsible for classroom monitoring, answering questions after class, correcting homework, and feeding back classroom details to the lecturer

this model not only solves the dilemma that famous teachers in education enterprises cannot sink into the third and fourth tier cities, but also ensures that famous teachers can serve as many students as possible at the same time, easily realizing the dual goals of cost reduction and scale expansion for institutions, while the introduction of offline tutors solves the problems of after-school tracking and some interaction

threshold lifting

frequent failures in the assembly scheme. Requirements for the deployment of dual division are raised.

dual division classroom, as a new teaching mode produced by the combination of education and science and technology, has entered a period of rapid popularization in k12 education, civil service training, adult teaching and other fields, and has become a sharp weapon for education enterprises to expand their scale to third and fourth tier cities. With the gradual maturity of basic use scenarios, both students and educational enterprises have higher requirements for dual teacher classrooms

for example, 1080p is required. The online teaching of double teachers is an extension of offline classroom to some extent. In order to simulate the real teaching scene of the offline classroom, the online classroom must use a large screen, output high-definition image quality, and have smooth audio and video without noise. Students can hear the teacher's voice and see the teacher's actions without delay, so that students can have a real experience of close interaction with famous teachers and concentrate on immersive learning

for example, it is required to be convenient and easy to maintain. Third and fourth tier educational institutions are not easy to invest too high technical maintenance costs. The hardware equipment of the double teacher classroom should be simple and easy to maintain. It can be started with one click, opened and connected to class directly

at present, the technology companies that provide dual teacher classroom deployment are emerging in endlessly, and the solutions provided are also diverse. It is not excluded that some enterprises have not even done an actual case, and began to enter the dual division field with great fanfare, thinking that installing a camera, injecting sterile saline into the display when buying and placing, and assembling a microphone, even if the construction of a dual division classroom is completed, the common feature of these enterprises is low price, which educational institutions also readily accept. However, in the actual teaching, it is found that problems occur frequently, and the teaching quality is extremely vulnerable, Eventually, educational institutions had to redeploy again

a well-known domestic education enterprise has also fed back to the author one of the most typical problems: because most enterprises still use cameras, microphones, computers, software clients, mixers, monitors, speakers and other devices to assemble. Because there are many hardware involved, unstable single point failures occur frequently, and power-off boards are often burned, USB and other interfaces are loose The unexplained computer crash, in addition to the problem of enterprise cost reduction, has also caused a lot of trouble for daily teaching. Moreover, this deployment plan needs to be debugged at least half an hour before class, so that the teaching assistants who do not have technical qualifications in the third and fourth tier cities can learn various complex software operations. Obviously, there is a great difficulty. The service provider's later service guarantee can't keep up, which also brings great trouble to the education enterprise

in this case, education enterprises that have a place in the field of double teacher classroom have to start thinking about better ways to build double teacher classroom. No matter what product develops to a certain stage, under the condition of equal qualifications, high-quality experience will become the core competitiveness of enterprises in the market. At the same time, based on the practice accumulation of double teacher classroom, the requirements of education enterprises for service providers are no longer just simple classroom construction quality, but a comprehensive inspection from classroom deployment, operation and maintenance to later large-scale services. This urgent market demand makes the double teacher classroom field need more professional service providers to quickly enter

professional enterprise communication operation service providers enter the market

start the deployment of all-in-one machines, expand the double division track

the popularity of the double division classroom, which also prompted many technologically new Pro Series to further improve the original wood plastic materials because of their excellent manufacturing technology. Technology enterprises want to enter the market and get a share. At the beginning of the year, there was a reliable news that the old SaaS service provider 263 enterprise communications intended to fully enter the education market. Before that, its live broadcast product 263 exhibition interactive and video conference products have gained a good reputation in the education industry

recently, the official website of 263 enterprise communication has appeared. 263 double teacher classroom, one of its educational products, has been quietly launched. This product accurately focuses on the subdivided field of double teacher classroom, and has several highlight functions, such as 1080p Internet HD video, customized function interface, rapid deployment of all-in-one machine, fixed-point classes, maintenance free and seamless connection with live broadcast. It can be said that in the existing market, No matter which of these functions is enough to leave competitors far behind

it is reported that in 2018, 263 double teacher classroom will be introduced into the education market as the main product of 263 enterprise communication. The purpose of launching 263 double teacher classroom is not only to help educational enterprises build double teacher classroom, but also to build high-quality double teacher classroom

before that, 263 enterprise communication has been committed to providing enterprises with high-quality enterprise communication and SaaS services. Compared with ordinary double division classroom technology service providers, 263 enterprise communication, as an old operator and service provider that has been living in the field of enterprise communication for 18 years, its advantage is not only the high quality of 263 double division classroom solutions, but also its operator identity

first of all, it has a high-quality quality service assurance system. For example, IDC is distributed nationwide and overseas, supporting hybrid cloud deployment. In the future, after the double division market expands to a certain extent, the hybrid cloud deployment will gain a considerable market, which has great attraction for large-scale education enterprises such as New Oriental and XRS, because it can enable enterprises to maximize the use of internal resources

secondly, 263 enterprise communications provides carrier level operation and maintenance management. 263 enterprise communication is the only one in the industry with a telecom grade operation room, which can ensure the backbone network bandwidth access of Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, education and other operators, and provide users with 365 day 7*24-hour uninterrupted services

in addition, 263 enterprise communications has a perfect customer-based operation system, service team and process system, and its 200 + professional team has built a three-level service architecture, which has not been overtaken in the industry in a short time

it is such a strong enterprise communication operation service background that makes 263 confident to enter the education industry. This is also the cylindrical pin plug-in sample. 263 double division class has just made its debut in the whole market with a star aura, which has a crushing advantage

therefore, as a midstream video deployment service provider that is crucial to the whole process of the double division classroom, 2 saw several giant bulk carriers docked on the shore, and the strong entry of 63 enterprise communication. In addition to greatly improving the quality of the current double division classroom, we may also see it as a complete farewell to the early era of Dane o2o distance teaching and the era of assembled deployment, Officially entered the era of high-quality double teacher classroom, which competes for the market from teachers to the whole process of classroom

now, in addition to educational institutions and public schools, all kinds of training that imitate the dual teacher classroom model for the general population have achieved good results. The dual teacher classroom has fully ignited the entire education market. What is the final step of 263 Dual Teacher Classroom under the background of enterprise communication and SaaS service industry leaders? Can it set off another education legend? We might as well be more patient and wait and see

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