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Whether Chinese enterprises can enter the German chemical industry park

the German chemical industry park has become the first choice for many international chemical enterprises because of its high-quality human resources, ideal research environment, advanced logistics system and our customers will benefit from the more effective large-scale manufacturing of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic resins. Can Chinese enterprises enter the German chemical industry park? With this question in mind, I recently visited loyna chemical park and bietfeld Wolfen chemical park in Saxony anhart in central Germany. Leuna chemical park is the largest closed chemical park in Germany. As soon as I entered the park, I saw a forest of factories, various large and small pipelines crossing in the air, and the tall chimneys were constantly emitting white gas, while the residents near the park were still living a normal life, a habitual look. The staff of the park said that chemical raw materials are transported by pipelines, and most of the white gas emitted is water vapor. Although enterprises gather in the chemical park, the air visibility is high and there is no peculiar smell

it is understood that the German chemical industry park is a new business model developed on the basis of the old chemical industry base. It has a long history, covers a large area, and has advanced equipment and convenient logistics in the park. Many enterprises in the park often form an effective upstream and downstream production chain for common storage and logistics. In addition, there are special service companies in the chemical park to provide public services for enterprises in the park. For example, loy can adopt the foundation of N68 precision machine tool hydraulic oil chemical park. Loy provides a variety of public services such as logistics, fire protection, communication, medical treatment, infrastructure maintenance, wastewater treatment and water and electricity supply in the park, which can help enterprises realize profit appreciation and greatly save operating costs

with the increasing economic strength and willingness to internationalize, many Chinese enterprises have begun to sew reinforced fiber materials. Looking at the European market, Germany, as the political and economic center of Europe, has become China's main investment destination in Europe. According to the statistics of the Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency of Germany, China invested in 98 projects in Germany last year, ranking third among countries' investment in Germany

Markus Schmidt, a chemical expert from the German federal agency for foreign trade and investment, said that Chinese chemical enterprises can achieve internationalization faster by investing in German chemical parks. This means not only the internationalization of the production standards of Chinese chemical enterprises, but also the internationalization of the market of Chinese chemical enterprises

Dr. Michael Polk of the bietfeld Wolfen Chemical Park said that German oiling packaging such as force measuring institutions, navigation, collets, etc. use kerosene or gasoline to clean the country's superior geographical location so that enterprises investing in Germany can enjoy the EU's consumer market of more than 500million. According to the statistics of the German Chemical Industry Association, in 2011, the production of German chemical products ranked fourth in the world and the export of chemical products ranked first in the world. This is also a huge market for Chinese chemical enterprises investing in Dehua Industrial Park. In addition, learning how German enterprises produce environmentally friendly products on the spot is of great significance for the future development of Chinese chemical enterprises, which can help China avoid the detour of pollution first and then treatment that Germany once went through

however, the establishment of Chinese chemical enterprises in the German chemical park must first meet the strict approval procedures for enterprises entering the park in Germany. German law stipulates that resident factories with laboratories need to apply for emission control licenses and provide various data, such as plant equipment information, radiation emissions and waste production. In the formal application process, the German national environmental agency will first review the materials, and then make a one month public announcement. Only after the hearing can the enterprise obtain the license

in addition, Germany has a unified and perfect system of laws and regulations to regulate the safety and environmental protection issues of chemical enterprises in Germany, which are strictly supervised by the German government, such as regularly testing whether the waste emissions of enterprises exceed the standard. Polk said that excessive emissions are illegal in Germany and require fines

beno penzer, the first general manager of the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua that Germany welcomes Chinese investors very much. For Germany, the investment of Chinese chemical enterprises brings not only new jobs, but also competitiveness

in the long run, China's economy needs industrial upgrading. Germany can provide assistance for the development of Chinese enterprises, realize more advanced production technology and more modern management mode, and also open the door to the European market for Chinese chemical enterprises. However, high environmental protection costs, strict production requirements and cumbersome application procedures mean that it is not easy for Chinese enterprises to apply for the establishment of factories in Germany. According to the statistics of the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency, at present, there is no large-scale production-oriented Chinese chemical enterprise investment in the German chemical industry park. Whether Chinese enterprises can adapt in Germany is also full of unknown challenges

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