There is a long way to go before thermal power ref

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There is a long way to go before the power reform, but we still need to be full of confidence

Abstract: the key to finding a "empathetic" team is to invest in the power reform energy, and it is the king way to shine and heat. Now our power reform palace has a blueprint, a foundation, and a skeleton. Let's work together to build bricks and tiles for her

for the reform of the power system, there are two completely different voices in the market. Some people believe that the barriers between provinces cannot be effectively crossed due to the relationship between power and national security, the long-term autonomy of power among provinces, the power plant alliance is unbreakable in some provinces, the high coal price does not allow power plants to reduce prices, the existing price mechanism cannot effectively absorb the conflict between new energy and the national will, and the distribution of power and load is seriously uneven For reasons such as the power of electricity is too strong, the power reform cannot touch the core interests, but is just a last. Some people believe that there is no turning back, the conflicts between the parties are intensifying, and the reform is imperative and is being carried out in an orderly manner

let's first listen to the voices of various market players:

power sales companies

⑴ some provinces have established power sales alliances to "crusade" power plants to make less profits, and power plants treat independent power sales companies differently from integrated power sales companies

⑵ there is a shortage of power sales talents and business expansion is seriously limited

⑶ power selling companies with access to additional items face the dilemma of difficult salary balance. A salary Research Report of a power selling company shows that the salary level of a power selling company is based on the salary level of the local power industry, and the salary range is determined at a ratio of 1.2 times to 1.5 times. After all, the motivation for employees to leave the company is to make up at least the opportunity cost of leaving the power system. However, in the traditional power industry, such as companies that used to do equipment, energy conservation, operation and maintenance and other industries, it is crucial to draw out business backbones to engage in power sales business. It is a big challenge for the personnel management of other departments of the company to be high, and it is easy to poach talents from other power selling companies to be low. The brain drain problem of some power selling companies in Guangdong has become prominent; The power sales business department is an independent business department, responsible for its own profits and losses. The conditions are not necessarily mature, and the power sales team is not necessarily recognized. After all, a new model needs the cultivation of the market and the strong support of the group company to develop and grow

⑷ it is a beautiful temptation to cut into incremental distribution. If you want to cut in when the business model, profit space and user load growth are completely uncertain, let's talk first

⑴ the monopoly case of power plant reported by direct power purchase users in a province continues to dominate the screen

⑵ when will it be our turn to save electricity

⑶ some power selling companies promised to fly all over the world, but when they actually fulfilled it, it was not the case

⑴ coal and electricity linkage has been shouting for so long, why is it only allowed to reduce prices unilaterally

⑵ why we are always allowed to cut meat? Since it is market-oriented, it should be able to rise or fall. The focus of contradiction should not be on how much profit the power plant makes for a long time, at least for now

you are all wronged. I will do things related to people's livelihood, such as metering, meter reading, electricity fee recovery, fee collection, a huge number of residents' power supply, and "you are responsible for making money, and I am responsible for logistics"

intuitively, there are many difficulties, and all market players are not satisfied with the current progress. For power selling companies, the market generally believes that the difference in purchase and sale prices is becoming more and more difficult, and hopes that value-added services or upstream and downstream industries will break the situation of thinner and thinner profits from power sales. However, little electric donkey believes that in any case, power selling companies should focus on the purchase and sale of electricity, carefully penetrate into known risk industries, and let the bullet fly for a while. Think about the rise of Inclusive Finance, the popularity of private banks and the sharing economy, All of them have experienced a long incubation period of the market. In fact, electricity tariff + basic electricity tariff alone has provided enough room to play. It is reported that some power selling companies are working hard to reshape the industrial planning. The small electric donkey also believes that the real breakthrough of the power market is on the user side, and it is necessary to firmly move closer to the user side. All investments only for the purpose of investment allocation and micro investment are suspected of drinking poison to quench thirst, and putting itself under infinite risk exposure

let's take a look at some documents and news that have been intensively released recently

June 2017

⑴ it is reported that the first batch of spot trading pilot work in Guangdong Province, the preparation of candidates for the Guangdong electricity market management committee, and the drafting of the implementation rules for the settlement of the Guangdong electricity market (the highlight is the detailed provisions on the scope and process of exemption from examination) The hydraulic universal testing machine for cast aluminum alloy can test the mechanical properties of cast aluminum alloy raw materials and related product parts. The electricity price calculation on the benchmark of the new coal-fired power plant is in full swing

⑵ the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on canceling and reducing some government funds and adding reasonable adjustments to the electricity price structure, focusing on increasing the unit price of coal-fired benchmark

⑶ the notice on the establishment of a joint anti-monopoly law enforcement mechanism in Guangdong power market issued by the southern regulatory bureau of the national energy administration and the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission clearly defines the implementation subject of monopoly, which has a warning effect on the market subject

⑷ on June 12, the National Renewable Energy Information Management Center issued the first batch of 230135 green power certificates to 20 renewable energy power generation projects affiliated to Huaneng, Huadian, cecep, Zhongshui consultants and other enterprises that submitted applications. The green certificate transaction officially kicked off on July 1

(5) on June 4, 2017, China Shenhua and Guodian power both issued a suspension announcement. It is rumored that they will merge, but so far they have not resumed trading

(6) Xinhua news agency said in June 1 that the provincial electricity transmission and distribution price reform will be fully covered by the end of June, laying the foundation for the management of "controlling the middle and liberalizing both ends"

may, 2017

⑴ internal "working opinions on pilot implementation of relevant power sales business" of State Grid Corporation of China, Discuss the way for power companies to enter into power sales as a whole: provincial power companies trade on behalf of large users → the implementation of power sales by Prefecture (county) power companies → provincial power companies directly act as agents for users as the main body of power sales. Finally, people in the industry can't help but express their contributions to the transaction

⑵ the reply to the relevant opinions and suggestions of the Symposium on national power system reform issued by the national development and Reform Commission of the National Energy Administration

⑶ the national development and Reform Commission of the national energy administration Reply on the reform of Yunnan incremental power distribution business to avoid falling weights and causing injuries

⑷ the CPC Central Committee Several opinions on deepening the reform of the oil and gas system issued by the State Council

5. Notice on printing and distributing the list of new energy micro electricity demonstration projects issued by the national development and Reform Commission of the National Energy Administration

6. Rules for monthly electricity transactions across regions and provinces in the South (for Trial Implementation) issued by the national development and Reform Commission of the National Energy Administration

April 2017

⑴ implementation plan on printing and distributing the time of compressing telegraph installation issued by the national energy administration Notice of the National Energy Administration in March, 2017

⑴ key points of market supervision in 2017 by the National Energy Administration

⑵ notice on the orderly release and development of power consumption plan by the national development and Reform Commission of the National Energy Administration

⑶ implementation opinions on deepening the reform of the investment and financing system of the energy industry by the National Energy Administration

⑷ reply on agreeing to carry out the pilot reform of Ningdong incremental distribution business by the national development and Reform Commission of the National Energy Administration

in fact, after careful deliberation, it is not difficult for us to find that the 28 key tasks of power system reform proposed in Document No. 9, in addition to properly dealing with the cross subsidy of electricity price, the rest are gradually trying or effectively promoting from the national, regional, provincial and even municipal levels. The more fully exposed the problems of all market entities, the more prominent the contradictions, the easier it is to generate new business opportunities. For us personally, The key to finding a "sympathetic" team is to invest in and shine on the team that will unswervingly go on with the power reform. Now our power reform palace has a blueprint, a foundation, and a skeleton. Let's build bricks for her

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