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Whether China's tires can withstand continuous "double reverse"

"the thing that China's tire industry is most afraid of now is that other countries follow the example of the United States and launch a" double reverse "investigation on China's tire products." Recently, insiders expressed such concerns to

on October 15, the first China (Qingdao) Rubber Industry Expo opened. At the world rubber forum and information conference held on the same day, xuwenying, vice president and Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, also expressed the same view

Xu Wenying said that the United States has entered a critical stage of the "double anti" investigation of Chinese tires. Now we should pay close attention to whether the European Union and other countries will follow the United States and carry out "double anti" on Chinese tires. If the European Union also carries out "double anti", it will be very troublesome

it is understood that the rubber Expo is co hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Rubber Industry Association and rubber Valley, and co organized by the Secretariat of the China ASEAN Expo and Qingdao University of science and technology

the tire industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties

on June 3 this year, the United States launched an anti-dumping and countervailing investigation on passenger car and light truck tires to China with an amount of $3billion under the application of the United States Federation of steel workers (USW). Relevant surveys show that at present, exports account for more than 40% of China's total tire production, and half of this huge number of exported tires are exported to the European Union and the United States market. "Therefore, the US' double anti 'has a great impact on us." The above industry insiders said to the analysis. Xu Wenying also said in his speech that this is an unprecedented difficulty encountered by China's tire industry

recently, it was learned that new changes have taken place in the "double anti" case of American tires against China. On October 7, Shandong Yongsheng, selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce for compulsory response, submitted an application to the United States to withdraw from the "double anti" investigation. On October 8, the US side added the round as an anti-dumping compulsory respondent enterprise, and added Cooper Chengshan as an anti subsidy compulsory respondent enterprise. The time nodes of anti subsidy and anti-dumping duties have also been postponed to November 21 this year and January 20, 2015 respectively

Xu Wenying concluded that in the process of responding to the "double anti" case, China encountered several very prominent difficulties

first, China is accused of sudden export. This means that from September 12, when the applicant proposed the existence of sudden export, 90 days later, all the exported tires involved in the case will have to pay taxes again

second, the qualification examination of state-owned enterprises to distinguish tax rates. If the average tax rates of Jiatong and Sailun selected for the survey are not applicable to state-owned enterprises, state-owned joint-stock enterprises such as Wanli, Zhongce, Guilun and shuangqian will not enjoy the average tax rates of these two enterprises

Xu Wenying revealed that if so, the tax rate of state-owned enterprises will be much higher than the two, and the state-owned enterprises will exceed 50% of the total number of enterprises involved

the third difficulty is that the respondent enterprises will experience a difficult process. Yongsheng's withdrawal from the investigation may be caused by many factors, such as the careful investigation data of the "double anti" case, the long time, the difficulty of responding to the lawsuit and so on

continuous "double reflection" has made things worse

however, the difficulties seem to continue to increase. On September 10, Russia Belarus Kazakhstan customs union followed the example of the United States in conducting an anti-dumping investigation on trucks, buses, trolleybuses and trailer tires imported from China, involving an amount of US $400million. "This is not a good omen. In China, the emissions of CO2 and SO2 can be reduced by more than 64 million tons. Continuous' double reverse 'is a great blow to Chinese tires." An insider told me about this

Xu Wenying said in this analysis that from the perspective of China's tire exporting countries, the United States is undoubtedly the largest export market, but in the case of the United States "double reverse", exports will be transferred to other countries, and because of the low price of rubber and intensified competition, tire prices are also declining

according to the data, the export price of Chinese tires continued to decline in January this year, with the average price falling from $3.31/kg to $3.27/kg. Among them, car tyres have fallen from $3.41/kg in January to $3.2/kg in August, a decline of much more than 6%. The export price of passenger car tyres also fell from $2.87/kg in January to $2.87 in August The wrong interface may damage the equipment; $66/kg

according to statistics, among the top ten countries in China's truck and bus tire exports, Russia has become the second largest export destination after the United States since August. Xu Wenying concluded that this is also the reason why Russia has recently conducted an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese tires

some insiders have told that the "double reverse" may force some tire enterprises to gradually abandon the U.S. market and turn more to explore markets such as Europe, South America and Russia. "Now, Russia has followed the lead of the United States. As one of the main destinations of tire exports, if the European Union also joins the anti-dumping camp, China's tires will really have no way to go."

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