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Whether Apple can reproduce jobs' amazing "magic"

when the high-tech industry perceives that an emerging market is taking shape, it likes to use some empty labels to describe it, and IOT is one of them. Like the popular concepts such as big data and cloud computing, IOT promises to bring everything inclusive and empty. It is an attractive intangible concept, suggesting infinite possibilities, although it is difficult to clearly point out who will make profits from this technology or when

who else can do better than apple in implementing this concept? This enterprise has turned people's long-standing high-tech dreams into reality, including digital music, intelligence and tablet computers. Now, it is preparing to focus on a large number of intelligent gadgets, which may one day become intermediaries in the real world

all this took shape at Apple's annual Developer Conference on Monday. The conference will provide various solutions for the company's mobile device users to control a series of smart home gadgets such as thermostats or door locks. In addition, Apple will also play the role of a storefront for those who develop these increasingly diverse links to sell their products

this sounds like what Apple has done in the past: cultivate several killer applications; Establish a channel for users to easily discover, purchase and set up these applications; And ensure that developers can earn considerable income from this new market. The Apple App store model transforms intelligence from an isolated tool into the core element of a new high-tech ecosystem. Since then, this model has also been widely imitated by competitors

if the same idea is used for intelligent gadgets, 1million vehicles in China; Carbon fiber can be used to manufacture body structural parts, panels, auto rims, drive shafts and other parts, which may one day form a useful supplement to Apple's business. In Apple's income statement, the app store is the business line with the fastest revenue growth: in the past six months, the iTunes Department of the app store has generated sales of more than $5billion, an increase of 11% over the previous year

however, similar to applications, gadgets connected to IOT itself may never become a core part of Apple's business. Their significance lies more in strengthening the ecosystem with iPhone, iPad and MAC as the core. This strategy can be described as both offensive and defensive: the defensive side is to bind users to Apple's hardware devices; The attack is to encourage you to register your personal information in advance, encourage people to buy more apple personal computing devices, and act as the hub and brain of their digital life

that's all for the comparison with the early stage of Apple App store. With its touch-screen mobile device, apple magically created a new market, thus gaining a huge leading edge. It was several years before Microsoft began to deal with this advantage of apple. In the previous computer age, Microsoft was Apple's strongest competitor in the ecosystem

in the field of IOT, apple does not have this leading edge

at present, Google (Google) Android ecosystem is becoming more and more popular. According to Gartner, a research company, by 2015, about 48% of the personal computing devices sold on the market will be equipped with Android operating system, more than double the market share in 2012. In contrast, Apple's IOS market share will be only 15%, up 50%

nearly 350million IOS devices may be sold this year, which represents a market similar to that of personal computers (PCS) in their heyday. But in the ecosystem war, the most important will probably be the relative scale rather than the absolute scale. As apple is expected to be popular with high-end users, the company's loud brand is still attractive to developers. However, the huge advantage of Android in installed capacity is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore

at the same time, Google has been attacking IOT with its habitual great momentum, which is based on its inexhaustible funds and talents. As early as three years ago, the company called the National Engineering Laboratory for the development of polymer surface material preparation technology, which is the key raw materials of national polymer surface materials (special monomers, additives), high-performance resins, polymer surface materials and the center of technological research and development and technological innovation Android@Home Under the smart home platform

although this effort has come to a dead end, we don't have to worry about it: this year's "experimental control results show that earlier, Google changed its attack direction and reached an acquisition agreement for nest with us $3.2 billion. With its own smart thermostat, nest became the first company to turn boring home controllers into hot items

in terms of wearable technology, which represents another major branch of IOT, Google is also making two-way bets in a similar way. While it is rapidly advancing the ambitious Google glass project, it also launched Android wear, an operating system for smart watches, earlier this year

in Apple's heyday under Steve Jobs, the entire scientific and technological community once followed Apple's lead to see how it defined this emerging market

jobs' manipulation of people's expectations and desires is master. He convinces the audience with unparalleled persuasion that they can see the future of the world from what he is removing the veil. This task will be completed by jobs' successors: they want to prove to people that they can turn boring objects in daily technological life into some equally dazzling product

the author is the West Coast editor of the financial times

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