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Can environmental law enforcement be "hard"?

weak law enforcement, inaction, slow action, and disorderly action have greatly reduced the binding force of the law, and even disappeared in some places

On April 24, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress voted to adopt the amendment to the environmental protection law, which will be implemented on January 1, 2015. The revised environmental protection law further clarifies the government's supervision and management responsibilities for environmental protection, and improves the ecological protection red line and pollutants 1 Add shims in the fixture; Total amount control and other systems have established blacklists, daily fines and other penalties

in today's increasingly deteriorating ecological environment, the strict investigation and heavy punishment of those who destroy the ecological environment by illegal sewage discharge reflects the legislative intention of China to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, and responds to the ardent expectation of the people that the blue water buried underground for 200 years will not rot the blue sky. Behind the praise of people for the new environmental protection law, there is a greater expectation: environmental protection law enforcement should be really hard

as we all know, the environmental protection law, which was implemented 25 years ago, is obviously incompatible with the rapid development of economy and society and the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection. Some legal provisions also have problems such as weak operability. Lagging legislation is certainly one of the reasons for the current chaos of environmental pollution, but weak law enforcement, inaction, slow action and disorderly action have greatly reduced the binding force of the law and even disappeared in some places. In this sense, the problem of environmental pollution is not that the environmental protection law has not been amended for 25 years, but that there is a problem in the link of environmental protection law enforcement. In other words, if the environmental protection law, which was implemented 25 years ago, could be fully implemented, would our ecological environment deteriorate to this extent

what is missing in environmental protection law enforcement is not Shangfang sword, but swordsmanship. Take the illegal sewage discharge of enterprises as an example. The drastic measures such as shutting down enterprises and transferring them to judicial organs have long been authorized by law, but many places have chosen to pay fines, and enterprises continue to discharge pollutants after paying the fines, so that some enterprises include the payment of environmental fines in the annual budget. In some places, the environmental protection departments not only do not enforce the law, but act as an umbrella lobbyist for illegal sewage enterprises, and take the initiative to inform and cover up when the superior inspects or the media secretly visits. People still remember the director of Hongdou. When the well water became red water, as the director of environmental protection, he was indifferent to finding out the pollution problem, but casually said: the water boiled by Hongdou is also red. Is this red water polluted

of course, in the past, environmental pollution chaos, it is wrong to hit all the boards on environmental protection agencies and environmental law enforcement personnel. Although the problem lies in the link of environmental protection law enforcement, it is rooted in the development concept of some local governments, blindly pursuing the speed of economic development, ignoring ecological environmental protection, and even at the cost of destroying the ecological environment. As a department of the local government, it is indeed difficult for environmental law enforcement agencies to become stronger

now, the central government has made clear the development concept of not only the hero of economic growth theory, people's demands for ecological environment protection are unprecedented, local governments' concept and awareness of ecological environment protection are further enhanced, and the revised environmental protection law gives environmental protection organs more and greater power. In the current situation of favorable weather, favorable location and harmonious people, if the price of environmental protection machine is temporarily stable, or nothing is done, and the environmental protection law enforcement is still not hard, it is a little unreasonable, and of course, the people will not agree

apprenticeship is not enough for self-reliance. The introduction of the strictest environmental protection law in history is only the first step in the long march. In the long journey of environmental protection, it is crucial that environmental protection law enforcement can be hardened. Only by strictly enforcing environmental protection law and standardizing environmental protection law enforcement can the construction of ecological civilization be implemented and a beautiful China be closer and closer to us

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