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Cooperation in extracting plastics from recycled raw materials covestro and reverdia jointly developed bio based thermoplastic polyurethane process chain to help reduce carbon emissions

29 September 2015 - covestro has reached an agreement with reverdia that both sides will jointly develop and promote bio based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Kostron, formerly known as Bayer materials technology, is a leading polymer manufacturer in the world. Covestro will ™ Bio succinic acid produced by reverdia company is used in the production of brand bio based thermoplastic polyurethane ™, So as to meet the needs of the shoemaking industry, consumer electronics and other industries

bio succinic acid ™ (using the low pH yeast technology of revidia, which was put into commercial scale production in 2012) can enable kostron to focus on the investment in R & D projects for many years. Covestro will upgrade the production of bio based thermoplastic polyurethane at its production plant in Taiwan to industrial scale

at present, the bio based DESM motor source opan ™ The product can be applied to multiple hardness levels, such as shore hardness A85 degrees, A95 degrees and D60 degrees. Bio based thermoplastic polyurethane not only has the excellent physical properties of traditional thermoplastic polyurethane, but also can further reduce the carbon emissions in the supply chain compared with the fossil fuel based thermoplastic polyurethane. Reeve, a simulation test conducted by reverdia, said that the use of bio based thermoplastic polyurethane can reduce carbon emissions by up to 65% compared with the use of fossil fuel products. Desmopan at different hardness conditions ™ The weight percentage of brand bio based thermoplastic polyurethane is 65% (shore A85), 52% (shore A95) and 42% (Shore D60) respectively

mariuswirtz, head of the thermoplastic polyurethane business of covestro, said, "our customers in different industries, such as the shoemaking industry and the consumer electronics industry, have been looking for new solutions that can reduce carbon emissions, and our bio based thermoplastic polyurethane products are a new solution that can meet customer requirements.". We are very pleased to cooperate with reverdia and bring this cutting-edge product to the market. "

Marcellubben, President of revidia, said, "we attach great importance to the partnership with covestro. The two sides will make long-term investment to jointly develop and produce high-quality bio based thermoplastic polyurethane products for the footwear industry and consumer electronics industry." These bio based thermoplastic polyurethane application products have now reached the commercial production scale, which also proves that the experimental force values also vary from 20n (3) 00kn to achieve bio based succinic acid ™ The unique physical properties of materials and their great potential in reducing carbon emissions from consumer products. Moreover, it also proves that the yeast technology of reverdia is the most sustainable production process that can be used for the production of bio based succinic acid

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