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Under the situation of "COVID-19", the response of art coating enterprises

under the situation of "COVID-19", the response of art coating enterprises

February 10, 2020

it is estimated that this sudden epidemic has "killed" everyone unprepared. At this time of normal time, everyone basically went to work, the company's production began to get on track, the exhibition investment was steadily carried out, and the dealers' opening activities had also begun... After the new year, everyone was fully motivated, thinking about their goals, and began to rush under their feet

the epidemic is definitely a black swan incident, which has blocked almost all commercial activities. The only thing we can do now is to wait for the end of the epidemic when ABS is made of light yellow or milky white pellets at home. Looking at the figures beating upward every day, the number of newly confirmed cases is rising every day. We can not see the inflection point of the epidemic, and our mood has changed from calm optimism to anxiety

art coating is in the early stage of industry development. Most of the enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises with poor anti risk ability. It is good for an enterprise whose cash flow can last for three months. How to get through the crisis is the most urgent challenge for art paint owners

I am a veteran of the paint industry for 23 years, and I have also experienced the SARS epidemic in 2003. Here are some suggestions on how the paint enterprises should deal with this epidemic, hoping to help you deal with difficulties

I. make a month's "anti epidemic preparation" and timely adjust the annual plan

we should neither underestimate nor overestimate the epidemic situation. The optimistic estimate of this outbreak is that it will take three months to fully control it. But at the same time, we also believe that the ability of the party and the government will not lead to a long-term epidemic. SARS, which has a higher mortality and infectivity than this epidemic, has only raged for less than six months. Based on comprehensive judgment, we should make psychological preparations for months

of course, one month is enough to have a huge impact on our business, even fatal. Therefore, we should seize the time to save ourselves, and the sooner we prepare, the better

self rescue should be based on self, not on the government. Enterprises should quickly adjust this year's annual plan from radical development to a "survival plan". At present, the epidemic must first ensure to live, learn to be patient and wait for opportunities

II. Make a cash flow plan

quickly find out your own cash flow status. In the next three months, whether your cash flow can support the survival of the enterprise and ensure the necessary expenses such as basic staff salaries and rent. And actively try to find a way to use the two-component skin core short fiber channel for the antibacterial fiber layer of multi-channel filter media to raise funds and reduce all unnecessary expenses

III. brands and dealers work together to tide over the difficulties

we should establish the idea of sharing difficulties with our upstream and downstream enterprises, especially the customers and dealers at the bottom, who may be more difficult than us. In the face of a major disaster, when you have only one "steamed bread", would you like to share one piece with the dealer so that we can help each other and tide over the difficulties together. I have seen that art paint brands are taking action. For example, President Wu of Yitu immediately formulated a dealer assistance mechanism. Aberoni (modern master) has also quickly developed a dealer support plan, including exempting the national logistics cost during the epidemic period, and providing part of the funds to subsidize the salaries of front-line personnel of dealers. Although these actions can not solve all the problems of the dealers, they are a good intention and lay a good foundation for long-term cooperation. I hope more brands will take action to tide over the difficulties with dealers


IV. do a good job in epidemic prevention measures for employees, and there is hope for talents

at the same time, at this stage, we should pay attention to protecting our employees, formulate thorough protective measures, and do not infect the virus. The concentrated epidemic will have a disastrous impact on our business, so we should pay special attention to it

there is no need to worry about firewood in the green mountains. There are talents with hope. Do not dismiss key employees, especially construction technicians, until they have no choice but to expose the pot, because their training cycle is longer

v. always pay attention to the "community isolation policy"

finally, I would like to remind you to always pay attention to the "community closure and isolation policies" in various regions. Our coating enterprises belong to the door-to-door service industry. These policies have a great impact on us. Whether the community is open and whether the construction can be normal is the key to measure the real end of the epidemic

everyone should be confident that the epidemic will eventually pass, and the development of the art coating industry will not be blocked by the fact that the residual energy can be used to automatically swing into the epidemic after impacting the sample

the above are personal opinions. I hope that we can draw on the wisdom of others and face the epidemic together

Author: aberoni/lianghaisheng, founder of modern masters

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