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"Country" under exterior wall coating

country under exterior wall coating

january 16, 2019

with the national new rural construction, the new cathode material enhanced lithium nickel oxide (elno) has entered the pilot stage, and the "fat meat" of the rural market has become a market for the coating industry

nowadays, the paint market is increasingly saturated, and it seems more and more difficult for paint enterprises and brands to seize more market share. With the increasingly fierce competition in the paint market in cities and the continuous strengthening of the promotion of environmental protection policies, more and more paint enterprises and dealers turn their attention to the rural market of Chinese paint

on the other hand, do not underestimate the consumption potential of the rural population. Of the four major consumption areas of "clothing, food, housing and transportation", only housing is the largest consumption expenditure item. According to the traditional Chinese concept, buying a mansion is not only a comfortable place to live, but also a great event to honor our ancestors. Therefore, many rural consumers are more willing to spend money on decoration

for a long time, except for the lime wall and ceramic tile, the exterior wall coating has been rarely used in rural buildings. But now many migrant workers are building buildings in their hometown, and they are willing to buy better quality or more popular decorative coatings

especially in the past two years, the exterior wall coating has extended from the city to the countryside. The exterior wall coating, including emulsion paint, imitation stone paint and real stone paint, has been gradually applied to the self built houses in the countryside, while the self built villas are mainly imitation stone paint. In recent years, we will find that the rural areas have undergone great changes, especially when we go to some good villages, all of them are small villas, and we can hardly see the old houses in the past

previously, when visiting Gao'an, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Yichun City, a brand of imitation stone paint dealer reported to our marketing personnel that the exterior wall paint is very popular in the rural self built housing market in Jiangxi, and has become the main material for exterior wall consumption. "However, it takes time to form such a trend. Just two years ago, many dealers did not realize the potential of the rural exterior wall market, and they were always limited to the interior wall." The dealer said

according to the data survey, a rural self built house now uses about 10 barrels of paint, as well as putty, universal glue, wall joint agent, etc. according to the overall statistics, including the external wall, the coating cost of the whole building is no less than 30000

according to the visit and observation of market personnel in recent two years, there is still broad development space in the rural coating market. For example, in Dongxiang, Nankang, Xingguo, Jinxian, Gao'an of Jiangxi Province, we are very excited and proud to find the township market potential of "vast world and promising" through the local production of special engineering materials in India and the strengthening of sales and the placement of technicians in Fengcheng and other counties. There are generally 30 or 50 coating stores in these townships, and all of them have a standardized coating market

as a result, more and more coating enterprises and distributors have entered the world's first "rural" market. Among them, Nippon and Dulux, which are very representative, dramatized the "battle of competition" in the market

in the township market, you will find that Nippon Paint stores can be seen everywhere. Even in stores of other brands, Nippon products are generally placed in the stores. Moreover, due to the loud advertising, consumers have a very high degree of recognition for it, and even some well-known paint brand dealers in China have reported that they use their own brands to provide owners with valuable information. It is worth mentioning that some universal experimental machine fixtures will produce an initial force for delivery to the door when clamping the samples, which is directly returned by the owners. People say that they only recognize Nippon products

although duluxpro lags behind in the layout of the rural market, it also has a large coverage in the township market after later operation and arrangement. However, in terms of popularity, duluxpro has a big gap compared with Nippon, and it is difficult to achieve the situation of two heads standing side by side. They can only live in the same camp with many second and third brands. Together with Nippon, which has the price advantage of single products, it is difficult to seize the market share of villages and towns

after two years of fighting, in addition to nippon, Dulux, garberry, sankeshu, bards, Chenyang, metoushi, Tongyi and a few other enterprises with good share continue to increase their development efforts, many enterprises have stopped their expansion and chose to maintain the status quo

as a large number of paint brands are pouring into the rural market, various paint agents and investment promotion models are constantly bombing the dealers, which makes many paint dealers in the rural market have a serious phenomenon of exclusion. It seems that the salesperson is selling at the door. Basically, he can't talk. Once he enters the door, he will go out directly

therefore, there is no sales market, the agency cost is very high, and the investment channel is almost destroyed. As a result, many coating enterprises cannot survive in the township market, let alone develop the market

for the coating industry, 2019 may be a key year. Rash expansion or prudent contraction may lose the market position they have won. Therefore, focusing on deep cultivation has become a major mainstream view for enterprises to seek development. Facing the increasingly severe situation, the countryside may be a major direction for further cultivation

the future market space of the rural coating market still needs to be developed, and the renovation market is also a big cake, but it needs time to precipitate. The rural market has become the "fat meat" of the coating industry. It is true that, like other industries, the coating industry, which has developed for decades, can also achieve channel differentiation

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