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Countermeasures for domestic paper machinery (Part 1)

the paper industry is an industry closely related to the national economy. It is an industry that directly provides raw materials for people's lives, product packaging and other industries. Therefore, it has a trend of synchronous development with the gross national product, and its development level directly reflects the level of economic development of a region or country. China's paper production has ranked among the top three in the world. However, the per capita consumption level is only 27.8kg, only half of the world average level, which also truly reflects the current level of economic development in China. The modern paper industry is also a technology, capital, resource and energy intensive industry with significant economies of scale. In short, there is no doubt that the paper industry is a promising industry. What is left to the paper machinery industry is how to improve the equipment and technology level, produce the products needed by the paper mill, and try to meet the requirements of the paper mill for high quality, low consumption and low pollution

1 current situation and characteristics of papermaking machinery industry

papermaking machinery usually includes special equipment for pulping, papermaking and finishing, as well as general equipment for electrical transmission, automation, computer control and environmental protection. The papermaking machinery industry is a highly specialized industry that directly serves the production of paper mills. At the same time, the development of papermaking machinery involves a wide range of technical fields, such as machinery, chemical industry, materials and anti-corrosion. Pressure vessel, automatic control, etc. Externally, the driving force for the development of papermaking machinery mainly comes from the paper market. The huge demand of China's paper market is for paper machines. Here are the main steps of using microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine to test the properties of metal materials in the tensile test: machinery has created a broad development space. According to the forecast, at the end of the tenth five year plan, the output of paper and paperboard will reach 38million-40million tons, and the new output will reach 8million-10million tons. According to the current production capacity of China's paper machinery industry, it can only meet less than 1/3 of the domestic market demand. However, with the continuous and rapid development of the plastic industry, the only market does not mean that paper machinery enterprises can rest easy. According to statistics, in 1995, there were only 16 paper-making enterprises with a scale of more than 100000 tons. By 2000, the number had increased to 44. The growth was very fast. However, the development of paper-making machinery enterprises was very slow, the benefits were low, and the market pattern had not changed significantly. This shows that there is a great disconnect between the domestic paper industry and the paper machinery industry, that is, the domestic paper machinery is difficult to meet the needs of the domestic paper industry to a great extent. The future development of the paper market is both an opportunity and a great test for the development of domestic paper machinery

the development of papermaking industry can not be separated from papermaking machinery, but the development of domestic papermaking industry is uneven and the demand is diversified. The selection of paper machinery by domestic paper mills is mainly based on price, technology, reliability and after-sales service. Enterprises with abundant funds, such as wholly foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures or enterprises enjoying national interest discount loans, have high requirements for paper machinery and paper products. Therefore, such enterprises often choose to import all or part of key equipment. For these customers, the domestic paper machine factories are still difficult to meet their requirements, and can only have some localized equipment for bulk products (such as cardboard). However, these enterprises are only a few, and the real majority are private enterprises or joint-stock enterprises that have developed since the reform and opening up. Although some of them have some financial strength, they feel that the price of imported equipment and large-scale investment are powerful, and they have high requirements for product quality. Therefore, they are the direct promoters of the development of domestic paper machinery. The other part is still producing at a low level. Although it also wants to have the plan of technological transformation, the restrictions in terms of capital, management, technology and so on have made little progress. However, once the time is ripe, the potential here can not be ignored. The development of domestic paper machines is always linked with the development of such enterprises. It is very important to understand this point for the development of China's paper machinery

the domestic paper machinery industry has also made great progress, especially in the last 10 years, some other industries, such as aviation and shipbuilding, have participated in the production of paper machinery. Four months after being approved as "Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone", the technical level, new product development and single machine scale of the products have also been greatly improved. There have also been many private joint-stock enterprises, some of which have high enthusiasm and consciousness for improving product technology and developing new products. However, the basic pattern of this industry has not changed greatly, mainly manifested in product convergence, lack of characteristics, excessive competition, meager profits, unstable product performance and low technical level. These characteristics show that China's paper machinery industry is still in the primary stage of development. On the one hand, low-grade products are relatively surplus and profits are declining; on the other hand, the demand for high-grade products is incompetent, which is the biggest feature of the domestic paper machinery market. The main reasons for the problems are as follows:

(1) lack of investment. The development of the paper industry has attracted a large number of funds, such as foreign capital, national discount loans, private capital, etc. However, the proportion of foreign capital absorbed by the paper machinery industry is very small, and the investment of private capital is even less. It can be predicted from the commonness of the machinery industry that it will still be difficult to attract a large amount of capital investment in the future

(2) product convergence, lack of characteristics, and even the scale of many production plants is not different. The low technical content of the products produced has led to price competition, decreased profits, and the lack of stamina for enterprise development, making it difficult to embark on the virtuous cycle of production profit reproduction development. (to be continued)

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