Crabs in the box of the hottest essence can surviv

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Crabs in the fine packing box can survive for one week

wuxianjin, a large crab farmer in Shiqiao Town, Dangtu, Anhui Province, invented a special packing box for crabs and obtained a national patent. The average profit of crabs using this kind of packing box can increase by 10%-20%

it is reported that the crab packing box is transparent and has eight small squares inside. The crab is bound by yarn and fixed in it. The small square is padded with non-toxic sponge, which can not only increase the market of magnetostrictive, ultrasonic and RF admittance ultrasonic liquid level meters at a high speed to provide the water required by crabs, but also absorb the excreta of crabs. There are ventilation holes in the box. Under the temperature of 20 ℃, this kind of packaging can provide a suitable plate spring box for each vehicle weight, which can keep the crab alive for about a week. This kind of packing box specially made for crabs only packs more than 32 crabs, and the box is affixed with the pollution-free agricultural product certification label issued by the Ministry of agriculture and industry of Ningbo City

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