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Countermeasures to improve the attractiveness of beer packaging

beer sales can not be separated from packaging, which is closely related to consumers' buying behavior. It plays an important role in improving the quality of products, enhancing competitive advantages and promoting market sales by actively doing a good job in beer packaging to improve its appeal to consumers

I. The relationship between beer packaging and consumption

1. Beer packaging reflects value

beer packaging is a part of the products that have a decisive contribution to the large-scale process with special production capacity. Like beer brands, it has a perceptual clue to consumers. However, at present, the product packaging in many beer enterprises does not seem to have really attracted enough attention. Some trademark fonts are not beautiful, and the quality of the label paper is easy to wrinkle and look ugly. Some beer enterprises' products also have problems such as poor quality of packaging cartons, moisture absorption of internal spacer plates, gray trademarks that are easy to fall off, and bottle caps that are easy to rust, which will affect the realization of the value of beer products

many consumers buy a certain brand of beer repeatedly because the average annual growth rate from 2015 to 2020 is 7% because they have accepted the packaging method and quality of the beer. Obviously, if the packaging can not satisfy them, it will certainly affect the desire to buy and the subsequent drinking mood, and even lead to consumers' worship of the brand of beer

2. Design method of beer packaging

as far as the vision of beer packaging design is concerned, color precedes shape, and color plays a preconceived role in beer product packaging. Therefore, in order to obtain obvious packaging effect, color must be taken as an important part of beer product packaging design. The carton color of "golden Bawang" beer developed and produced by a beer company in Jiangsu province takes golden yellow as the basic tone, showing a kind of noble self-confidence and despotic spirit. It is very popular with consumers in medium and high-end hotels and restaurants. Some beer brands are marked with green, which reflects the meaning of pollution-free and pollution-free products, and meets the needs of some consumers to pay attention to green and pursue health and safety; The use of different specifications of special-shaped bottle packaging, such as 528ml, 550ml, 500ml, etc., on the one hand, can bring more choices to consumers. On the other hand, it can also cater to consumers' psychology of novelty and difference. Compared with ordinary 640ml bottled beer, these special-shaped packaged beer often give people a high-grade feeling and price. Therefore, the correct use of different packaging forms and color matching methods plays a good role in maintaining the style of beer products and inducing consumers' psychology

II. Strategies for successful beer packaging

in order to make a successful beer packaging decision and achieve good results, enterprises must pay attention to and do a good job in the following aspects

1. Guarantee the basic quality of packaging

although a lot of research and innovation have been carried out on the packaging of beer, the basic aspects have not changed much. It can vary with the amount of additives. For example, the basic composition of ordinary boxed beer is as follows: A. Cartons printed with the name of the beer manufacturer, product varieties and specifications, warnings, etc; B. Melting plate and paper pad in the box; C. Beer head label, neck label, back label and front label; D. Beer bottle and bottle cap. Ensuring the quality of the basic composition of the above packaging is the most basic requirement to improve the attractiveness of beer packaging. In this regard, it is necessary to strictly control procurement, strengthen process control, improve testing means, and prevent unqualified packaging products from entering the market

2. Packaging must meet consumers' emotional and aesthetic needs

generally, when consumers buy beer, for unfamiliar brands, they always like to choose products that look in line with their needs, that is, they prefer to choose products whose packaging image is consistent with their aesthetic habits and taste requirements. At present, the outer packaging of beer is mainly green, white and some brown, which is mainly corresponding to the color of liquor and is easy for consumers to accept. In such a market situation, it would be difficult for most consumers to accept the green bottled Brown warm beer. Similarly, the main capacity of tinned beer now is 330ml, which is relatively moderate. If the capacity turns to large cans, it is obviously contrary to the current trend of beer consumers' development towards high-quality products and small packaging. Therefore, beer packaging can and should be innovated, but it must meet the emotional and aesthetic needs of consumers

3. It is not easy to change the product packaging image

beer is a popular consumer product. Consumers like to buy beer according to their familiar packaging image. Once the packaging of beer has formed a deep impression in consumers' memory, changing this packaging will take a great risk, because any change in the packaging image may make consumers have an opinion on the product image, It is considered that the beer products with changed packaging are different from those before the change. Purchase may lead to dissatisfaction with the quality, thus leading to consumption interruption. Therefore, before deciding to change the product packaging, beer enterprises must analyze whether the impact of changing the packaging on consumers' purchase is positive or negative, analyze the impact of changing the packaging on product profits and market sales, and make scientific decisions on the basis of weighing the advantages and disadvantages

it is a systematic process to improve the attractiveness of beer packaging, which needs comprehensive consideration and joint efforts, because it can achieve the goal not only by doing well in beer packaging. In the current beer packaging decisions, similar packaging strategies, multiple packaging strategies and gift packaging strategies are frequently used by various breweries. Only by adopting the above packaging strategies and the organic combination of advertising, promotional activities, prices and other marketing tools can we improve the packaging appeal of beer, strengthen consumers' purchasing psychology, so as to induce the realization of their purchasing behavior and promote the sales performance of manufacturers

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