How to solve the marketing problems of sliding win

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Sliding window agents must often encounter many questions in the usual planning process: consumers choose goods in their own businesses. After thinking for a long time, they always ask whether the more expensive the better? Is it still cheaper, the better? Or maybe the thicker the aluminum profile, the better? Xiaobian thought that the above questions were formed by several marketing misunderstandings:

1. More selling points let consumers choose more

consumers want to buy a product, and then go to the push-pull window shop to see that there are more than ten kinds of similar products, each of which has several selling points. Even if the shopping guide is very professional and the explanation is very understanding, but consumers listen and have no opinions, and finally don't want to buy it

2. Selling all the goods is the best

this idea is very good. To achieve this result, the sliding window dealer must introduce the products she does not like or may not be suitable to consumers. This behavior will make consumers have a bad image of the brand

3. A shopping guide who can recite commodity information skillfully is a good shopping guide

a sliding window shopping guide employee can only recite all commodity information in the store skillfully, but can't promote the sale very well, which may "scare" consumers away. What consumers need is a shopping guide who can respond flexibly, who can help her choose at a professional level, rather than a reciter who can only recite commodity common sense and ignore everything else

Guanhao doors and windows believes that to be a good sliding window agent of a sliding window brand, in addition to the support and sponsorship of the brand company, the dealer's sales concept is also very important. It is necessary for the sliding window agent to think from all aspects, constantly learn and accumulate experience, understand tailor-made clothes, and then reach a very good sales goal




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