Decoration knowledge gypsum board ceiling process

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Ceiling is an important project in home decoration. It is both practical and beautiful. So many families attach great importance to the ceiling link. Gypsum board ceiling is a popular choice in the current interior decoration. Therefore, next, I will introduce the process flow of gypsum board ceiling

I. construction preparation

prepare all materials and tools used in the construction of gypsum board ceiling

II. Construction premise

except for chandeliers, all works on the roof have been completed

III. process flow

1. According to the 50 horizontal line of the room, use a ruler to erect the vector to the ceiling design elevation, snap the ceiling elevation horizontal line along the wall, and draw the keel grading line on the wall

2. Determine the elevation of the lower end of the suspender. According to the position of the large keel and the spacing of the suspender, connect the end of the suspender without turnbuckle with 40× 40× 4 corner welding, suspender φ 8. The expansion bolt is fixed with the ceiling

3. Connect the large keel to the suspender with hangers, tighten the screws and clamp them firmly, and adjust the large keel to the horizontal state after it is firm

4, 38 and 50 main keels should be arranged parallel to the direction of the lamp (the suspender should avoid the position of the tuyere and the lamp) to strengthen the lateral stability of the large keel and the integrity of the suspender

5. After the installation of the middle keel is completed, the small keel can be installed after the elevation, spacing, straightness and hanging load are checked to meet the design requirements

6. Gypsum calcium silicate board should be cut neatly perpendicular to the ribs on the back of the board when it needs to be cut in the light port, air outlet and wall

7. The side keel of gypsum board ceiling in corridor, boiling water room and smoke proof front room adopts wood keel, which is 20mm thick and 50mm wide

editor's summary: that's all for the gypsum board ceiling process. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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