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We will not discuss the conventional requirements of hydropower construction, but we will focus on some problems that are easy to ignore

1. Some owners' friends pay special attention to the wires used in home decoration and think that they must buy the best, but I don't think it's necessary, as long as the quality is acceptable. According to my home decoration experience, there are few cases that need warranty due to wire problems, because according to the current construction standard, the safety redundancy of wires is very high. Generally, 1.5-horse air conditioners use 2.5 square wires, but in fact, using 1.5 square wires will never be a problem. So there is no need for owners to spend too much money on wires. Hangzhou's home decoration habit is to use Zhongce wires. If owners' friends use wires from other regular manufacturers, there must be no problem

2. The network cable must be used well, because the copper wire in the poor network cable is too thin, which will lead to poor contact of the crystal head, and there is the possibility of network disconnection and disconnection. Sometimes it is mistaken for the reason of routing and other network equipment. However, a good network cable is not as expensive as possible, especially a shielded network cable is not necessary at all. Our general civil network is insensitive to interference, which can be almost ignored. If the owner friend really needs a good quality network cable without shielding, don't buy a network cable with shielding but poor quality

3. Cable TV lines, telephone lines and audio lines can be bought as long as they are ordinary, unless the owner's friends are enthusiasts

4. Water pipes I think it's OK to use Weixing's green pipes, but don't distinguish between cold and hot water, just use hot water pipes. Pearsa had better not be used. Who knows which one is true. If the owner friend has money, I suggest that the owner friend use copper pipe. Copper pipe is the best water pipe recognized by professionals, especially for hot water. All five-star hotels use copper pipe 100%, and civil water supply pipes in western developed countries basically use copper pipe. The reason why we don't use copper pipes for civil water pipes in China is that we can't afford it. In foreign countries, PPR pipes are generally only used in agricultural fields and temporary water pipes. If we cut the PPR water pipe that has been used for a year, you will find a layer of greasy black dirt attached to the inner pipe wall, which makes people sick after reading it. Unfortunately, the price of copper pipes is too high for ordinary people, so we can only make do with PPR pipes

5. I don't think it's a big problem whether the water pipe goes to the top or to the ground. The cost of going to the top is higher, and it will be more troublesome if there is no ceiling construction. The advantage is that in case of water leakage, it can be found in time to reduce the loss, but the probability of water pipe leakage is not high. Unless it is broken by man, if you want to go to the ground, you must pay more attention to drilling

6. The triangle valve and hose must be used well. In case of bursting, the consequences will be unimaginable

7. The direction and position of the drain pipe and floor drain are very important, otherwise the water in the washbasin and washing machine is easy to overflow from other floor drains, and the floor drain must be anti overflow

8. The water outlet of the water pipe must be installed flat and of appropriate depth. The water outlet must be vertical to the wall, and the standard distance between cold and hot water must be kept at 15cm, otherwise the installation of the faucet will be affected. In serious cases, the decorative cover of the faucet will not cover the back water outlet, affecting the beauty

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