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In today's society, house prices are soaring higher and higher, and many people will favor small houses. But in our family life, there will be visitors from time to time, and the placement of the living room at night is a headache for many people. Therefore, the single folding bed with more space saving and more cost-effective and practical came into being. During the day, it can be used as a chair or sofa, and at night, it is a single bed. Let's take a closer look at single bed folding

introduction to folding bed

folding bed is a simple bed designed by using the joint principle. In order to facilitate and save volume and space, it can be folded and retracted through various folding methods. Zaozao appeared in the late Warring States period. It is convenient, practical and convenient to store

classification of folding beds

I. classification of folding beds

1. According to different materials, folding beds can be divided into the following categories: steel wire folding beds, canvas folding beds

2. According to different uses, folding beds can also be divided into the following categories: Baby folding beds, outdoor folding beds, multifunctional folding beds, recliner folding beds

seven steps for single bed folding

how to choose a folding bed: pay attention to the shape and material of the folding bed. There are many shapes and materials of beds, but we should pay attention to choose according to our own needs. For example, for the elderly and children, it is not suitable to use the iron bed with carved patterns and corners first

how to choose the second folding bed: pay attention to the softness and hardness of the folding bed. The human spine is composed of vertebrae, which can be bent or stretched. If the bed is too soft and the body sinks too much, it will inevitably lead to excessive bending of the spine and uneven stretching of the waist muscles. After getting up, you will feel restless and even feel low back pain

how to choose three folding beds: pay attention to the heat preservation, heat dissipation and moisture absorption performance of the folding bed. Generally speaking, a person's temperature is usually 36. The temperature on the body surface is slightly lower, about 32-33 degrees, and it is about one degree lower when lying down than when standing. When choosing a bed, you should consider keeping your body around the same level as your body temperature when you sleep. Temperature balance is conducive to sleep

how to choose a folding bed four: look at the elasticity: lie down in person and turn left and right a few times. A good spring will not move or uneven, and can immediately return to its original shape

how to choose five folding beds: look at the stability: you can use two hands to shake the product back and forth, left and right, and shake it. A firm frame means a good frame

how to choose six folding beds: pay attention to the quality of the wrapping cloth: those who buy leather can hold one place with their fingertips and pull it up. It has a strong hand feel. Those with good recoverability are top-grade products

how to choose seven folding beds: depending on the process: if it is a folding bed with a steel frame structure, pay attention to the smooth welding place, no gap, and the coating looks uniform and soft. The steel pipe surface treated by the plastic spraying process has high hardness and is more wear-resistant, More shiny. If the paint baking process is adopted, the surface of the steel pipe is easy to be scratched, which leads to oxidation and rust, and there is no gloss

in short, I hope you can carefully remember the above shopping skills and methods, so that you can buy a satisfactory single bed folding oh. In addition, I hope you can shop around more, so that you can have more opportunities to buy a suitable folding bed




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