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Home decoration, like clothes, also has each girl's own unique personality. Together with oshilai wall cloth, see what kind of home decoration is suitable for women with different personalities

modern women have their own work, career, income, economy and personality independence in society. Contemporary girls have their own unique labels, whether they are full of vitality, gentle and intellectual, or personality, or mature and introverted

every girl is intellectually fresh, cute or mature, which can be seen from her clothes. We all like to use our favorite elements on our bodies, which can not only express our personal character, but also show our inner world in this way

home decoration is the same as clothes

also has each girl's own unique personality

exquisite and capable

exquisite and capable women often pursue the quality of life in addition to the success of their careers and workplaces. They prefer to match their temperament. Smooth lines and relatively neutral colors are their favorites. They exude exquisite, elegant and capable charm with every gesture

light luxury style, low-key luxury

light luxury style, which is not cumbersome but pursues a low-key living state. Not to walk in the front and boast, but to enjoy the beauty of life. This style often uses geometry and metal lines to express modern beauty. In terms of color, most of them use strong contrast colors, such as black, camel, gold, ivory, milk coffee and a series of textured tones

comfortable and casual

women who pursue comfort and leisure prefer colors with low purity and low saturation. They will choose relatively loose styles in clothing, like to be close to nature and breathe fresh air

idyllic style, comfortable and natural

idyllic style is a kind of life aesthetics that pursues authenticity, advocates returning to nature, and advocates natural beauty. The overall home environment in light colors, green plants, vines, patterns, each element is closer to nature. It is comfortable oriented and combines natural elements to make the home experience more relaxed and leisurely

elegant and romantic

quiet, gentle, light and full of style are the characteristics of elegant and romantic women. Such a girl, whether romantic and light broken flowers, or gorgeous lace, can be easily controlled

French style, enchanting my heart

France, with the reputation of "love country", is one of the best romantic countries. The French style is even more fascinating. French style pillars, crystal chandeliers, ivory table chairs, carved flowers, lines, every place is exquisite and elegant, all of which are romantic and beautiful

playful soft cute type

lively and lovely little girls always show cute tiger teeth when they laugh, cute and cute, which people can't help liking

cute love, cute my heart

there are many lovely elements, not necessarily children have the right to be cute! Fresh, soft and cute macarone color series, small but exquisite decorations, are girls' favorites

every independent woman

gives people a different feeling

just like

in the eyes of a thousand people

there are a thousand Hamlets

every independent woman's home

has their unique style

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(image and text source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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